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Services and Amenities

Play Area

The play area is located on Richmond Place, and has a variety of play equipment for children.  We ask that children are supervised at all times whilst in the play area.  There is no smoking permitted in this area. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you have any concerns.

COVID GUIDANCE - The play areas remain open, children are allowed to play on the play equipment, but the council is keen to remind people that social distancing continues to apply.

Both children and adults should continue to stay 2M apart from people outside their bubble where ever possible, avoid touching their face and not share equipment. They are also being asked not to eat or drink in the play areas and to stay away if they or anyone in their household feels unwell.

As it isn’t possible for us to keep the play equipment sanitised, visitors are being advised to bring their own wipes to clean the equipment alongside their hand sanitiser. Any used wipes should be placed in the bin provided or taken home if they are full.

A risk assessment of the play area has been carried out and the equipment is regularly inspected. Please follow the guidance and stay safe.



The Parish Council have allotments on Richmond Place. There is currently a small waiting list.  If you would like more information or to put your name on the list please contact the Parish Clerk. The Council has approved several policies in respect of keeping bees or chickens on the allotments.

General Maintenance‚Äč

The Parish Council is responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of the village, the work is mainly carried out by our Parish Councillors and contractors including the grass cutting. If you would like to report any issues, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Maintenance of the roads, for example dealing with potholes, is the responsibility of the County Council Highways Department. Please report any issues to the Clerk in the first instance.

The litter bins and dog bins in the parish are emptied by Breckland District Council.  If you notice an issue please report this to the Clerk in the first instance.

Burial Ground

The Parish Council is responsible for the burial ground. If you would like any further information about this or to arrange a burial then please contact the Parish Clerk.

Community Car Scheme

The Community Car Scheme is an organised non-profit making community transport scheme which is subsidised by Lyng Parish Council and Breckland Council.  The car scheme caters for journeys which cannot reasonably be made by public transport or where the potential passenger would have difficulty in using public transport.