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Precept / Council Tax

At the January meeting Lyng Parish Council unanimously agreed to leave the precept unchanged at £18000. Despite there being no change in the precept, residents may have noticed a small increase in their Council Tax, under Lyng Parish Council.  This small increase is due to change in the tax base.

Each Parish Council forecasts the amount of funding it will require for the following year and requests this funding from the District Council (Breckland) in the form of a precept tax that is included within the local Council Tax. Breckland District Council calculate a Council Tax base by equating to the number of Band D equivalent properties in each Parish/Area.  

Even if the Parish Council requests the same financial precept for the whole parish for the next financial year, due to changes in the number of Band D equivalent properties in the Parish, the individual precept against each property may change. This can result in the individual precept rising or falling by a small percentage even when the parish precept as a whole has not changed.

The Tax base used for 20/21 council tax setting for Lyng Parish Council was 298.6 reducing to 293.2 in 21/22

This has resulted in an increase in the Parish council element from £60.28 for a band D to £61.39 in 21/22 due to the same precept requirement needing to be spread across a slightly smaller tax base.