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Corona Virus Covid-19

The Parish Council would like to urge residents to follow the national advice with regards to corona virus. Daily updates can be found on; 

It is recommended that advice is taken from this site as opposed to newspapers, social media or knowledge from others. This is an evolving real-time situation, so it is important to understand the most up to date advice.

As a community we will all be aware of neighbours, friends and family members who may be vulnerable and at risk, as well as lonely, so do what you can to help.

Pick up the phone. A daily check on people will not only help with ensuring safety and, if necessary medical intervention, it can also be a real boost for mental health. As this situation progresses, boredom and isolation can kick in so it is important to talk.

Assist your neighbours. You can leave them a postcard with your details on, offering to collect shopping, medication, walk the dog or to just offer a phone call. It is important that you manage your own personal health and safeguarding by not interacting directly with anyone who may already be ill.

Please make a note of your own requirements.  In the event that you may be isolated or in need of medical assistance. It is important that anyone intervening can understand your health situation. Write down any allergies, medication requirements, underlying health conditions etc and place them somewhere visible or share with a neighbour or family member.

We are aware that some of the most vulnerable members of our community do not have access to social media, so please spread the word where possible.

Please follow advice given, although the measures being introduced may seem draconian, it is important to follow the national advice. If you feel ill, visit the website above and go from there.

Most importantly, stay safe out there, look out for each other. Residents are encouraged to stand together at this difficult time and together we can ensure that community spirit prevails. 



Update on Weight Limit through Lyng

The following correspondence was received from Norfolk County Council - September 2019 on the issue of the weight limit through Lyng. As no further correspondence has been received, the Council have requested an update from Highways.

'As you may be aware, the preliminary consultation period for the proposed 7.5t weight restriction closed on the 10th June. During this consultation period a number of representations were made by both local businesses/residents and neighbouring parish councils, some of which were broadly in favour of the proposals. However, we did receive a number of responses from farmers and landowners who, expressed concerns that the proposals would negatively affect their farming and haulage operations.

In addition, we also received a request from Sparham Parish Council to extend the weight restriction north of the A1067 through the village. Following further consideration and discussions with the locally elected members it was decided this request could be supported, please see the attached plan.

We did receive a number of responses from farmers who are located just outside the originally proposed restriction extents that require access to premises/fields north of the A1067, which under the current proposals wouldn’t be possible legally and alternative routes would need to be utilised. As I am sure you can appreciate we are reluctant to introduce any restrictions that would negatively impact local businesses/farms, that have legitimate reason to travel through/within the area, we are solely concerned with HGV through traffic. A number of consultees suggested that the heavy vehicles using the roads in question are local farm related vehicles and may in fact not be through traffic. If this is the case unfortunately the introduction of a weight restriction would have limited affect in reducing HGV movements in the area.

We are currently considering and investigating the merits of extending the proposed restrictions southwards to include the landowners/businesses who have made representation indicating that they require access north of the A1067. These revised proposals would mean that those premises that were located on the edge of the restriction would, under the revised proposals be located within the weight restriction and therefore would have legitimate access and would be able to travel freely through the weight restriction, allowing vehicles weighing over 7.5t to access fields to the north of the A1067.

As a result of the comments received during the consultation we are currently investigating if there is merit in extending the proposed extents to mitigate the concerns raised. If it is felt that the best course of action is to extend the restriction, approval will need to be obtained by the local members for the area and a further round of stakeholder consultation will be required. I also have to advise that if it is felt the introduction of a weight restriction would have limited impact the scheme may be abandoned.

Please rest assured that once discussions have been held with senior officers and county councillors and a decision made on the best way forward we will of course contact all stakeholders including Lyng Parish Council.'